Dog Training Tips

15 May 2019 15:19

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When your dog comes for training, a poor new puppy or an old dog feels bad. Every conversation with your dog's partner is a learning experience. Remember that your dog can not always understand you and it's okay. Keep in mind that the behavior of most dogs is natural, but improvement and improvement can be done. Nerdy Dog Names These are some of the basic tips to keep in mind while training your dog.

1. Note

Focus on the language of your dog's body. If they are laughing or can not sit down, then this is an indication. It means that they are upset with the situation. Do not force your dog to contact if he does not feel good. This can lead to negative behavior or habits. Dogs are also used to cry or tempo so that they know that they need to go out. Do not ignore this behavior or repair it.

2. Courage

This key is when you exercise. Screaming or angry behavior is something that the dog can not understand and there is no educational value in them. When you start to be enthusiastic, stay away from the situation. nerdy dog names If you are unclear with your dog, then the training time is unfavorable to him.

3. Positive reinforcement

Remember to praise the dog for your good behavior and do not improve its wrongdoing. Appreciate what your four-footed friend wants from them. This gives you the kind of behavior you want

4. Replace

Instead of just saying to your pet, move it towards the action or behavior you want. For example, if your dog likes to chew your hands or furniture, then give him a toy instead of screaming or hitting it. This is where the positive reinforcement comes in the game.

5. Tail training

It is natural to draw dogs, but it can be easily improved. When they start pulling down, they stop running. It should be repeated, unless they can not understand that they do not run while pulling. You go for a walk with your dog; Your dog does not go with you.

6. Not barking

Barking is an unwanted feature and it can not be updated quickly. Note that dogs listen to versions that people do not listen to, and this can cause barking. The difference between careful barking and bad behavior is that the key. A dog does not understand why you scream, when he barks, when he hears a door or a voice. In addition to using verbal commands like "silent" or "no peel" during training, apart from barking when bottle filled with water.

7. Ignoring

Jumping can be a problem in your family and this is a simple move for them. Do not pay attention to it. When jumping or being happy, your dog's neglect shows that he did not get any response. Judaism or hobby about it can mean that you play with them, or they use it to attract your attention.

8. Favorability

Make sure that you always use the same oral or hand command during training. For example, starting with a shake command and switching on the paw can cause confusion. If he does not understand, do not be disappointed with the dog. Dogs can read the person's body language and know that they are angry but they do not know why.

9. Reality

Smart like your pets, they do not learn new tricks or behaviors immediately or overnight. If you let your pets move the door for years, do not expect it to stop immediately. The learned behavior will take some time to restore, but it is possible that you have patience.

10th routine

Once your dog has learned a new trick, integrate it into your routine. So it remains fresh in your pet's head.

11. Health

There is something else important in your dog's health training. If you do not eat enough food, you can feel more relaxed. It also applies to your dog. Nerdy Dog Names Ask your veterinarian what is the healthy food for your pet. For example, if you have a very active dog, then it requires a high protein diet. If your pet is mostly inside, high protein diet is not ideal, because it produces more energy.

If you remember these tips and tricks, you and your puppy can successfully train. The most important to remember is patience Fearlessness will become more negative than positive behavior. Do not forget to ruin your fury friend and tell him a good dog.

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